Western Highveld, South Africa

Unclean water and food problems

Food problems in Western Highveld

Corn is the main food produced in Africa, many farmers grow corn in small crops because there isn't any clean water for the corn to grow off. Even under today's climate conditions, farmers may not grow enough corn to cover their costs. Farmers travel many kilometers everyday to collect water that they can then put onto the corn for it to grow.

Water problems in Western Highveld

The effect of climate change on the water

Farmers are generally more sensitive to droughts than urban residents, for example, due to their direct dependence on rainfall for their livelihoods. And whilst commercial farmers may suffer bigger financial losses due to drought than small scale farmers, the latter group are generally more vulnerable because they have fewer resources (or less capacity) to survive that same drought. Clearly the magnitude of a climate impact, such as the duration of a drought, also plays a part in determining vulnerability.