Amendment 9

Mikayla Hutchinson 7th period 12*10*14

My amendment word for word.

The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights, Shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by people.

Court Case.

The implied right to personal privacy that emanates from the 9th amendment has been upheld in many high profile supreme court case including griswold v. Connecticut (1965). Rae v. wade (1973). planned parent hood v. car-hart (2000). The most important inference of the right to privacy in reference to abortion was reafrired when the supreme court reviewed in 1992 case planned parent hood v. Casey


sally raised her hand to go to the restroom. Then the teacher asked what are you going to do in the restroom? sally says she doesn't have to tell her. But then then teacher says my rules. Then she states that amendment says you have the right to your privacy.