New Vegas

The City That Never Sleeps

Towering Towers

If you like a city with lots of buildings New Vegas is the place to be. In between 50th and 52nd is the Empire State Casino. In between 50th and 47th is the Ball Tower or Car Tower. The last building is in between 51st and 50th is the Ferrari Museum, but these are not the only places you can explore in New Vegas.



49th and 48th are parallel. Also 50th and 47th are parallel. 48th and 52nd are intersecting. Also 51st and 49th are intersecting. 50th and 48th are perpendicular. Also 50th and 49th are perpendicular.


In New Vegas cars roam freely. Drag races take place all day. We have 20 cars all over New Vegas

3d Shapes

We have a rectangular prism as our Empire State Casino. On top of that we have a cone. We have a cylinder and a cube holding up our sphere Ball Tower. We also have a triangular prism as the entrance to the Ferrari Museum.

2d Shapes

We have a trapezoid and a triangle park. We also have a square and rectangle sidewalk. Also we have a pentagon sign and a octagon stop sign.We also have 2 hexagon stop signs.

Congruent shapes

We have hexagons that are congruent by translation, and we have squares that are congruent by translation as well.