Heroism of Odysseus

Odysseus Tells His Tale By: Homer

Powerful Human Being

Odysseus was strong in mine and body . He helped protect Maron, son of Euanthes, and his wife and child. Odysseus said, “I took with me a goatskin filled with dark sweet wine that Maron, son of Euanthes, priest of Apollo guardian God of Ismarus, had given me, because of respect we protected him, his wife and child,”(page 33). In the time period, Maron was the Seilenos (rustic god of Maroneiao). Odysseus also went up agents the monstrous Cyclops and defeated him.

A leader

Odysseus was a leader and gained loyal friends as result of that. After dawn, Odysseus commanded “The rest of you loyal friends stay,” (paragraph 2-page 32). Because Odysseus was planning the expedition and expecting the war, he did not lose any loyal crew in the process.

Courageous Man

Odysseus was courageous and wise. He had a “courageous plan the seal the Cyclops up” (paragraph 11-page 35), in the cave. He was also wise because when the Cyclops tried to trick Odysseus “His words designed to fool me, but failed. I was too wise for that and answering him with cunning words” (paragraph 10-page 34). Odysseus lied to the Cyclops, making him think the crew was stranded and defenseless. Odysseus was a clever mortal.


A artistic sculpture of Odysseus himself.