Human Trafficking

What are the long term effects of it on our community?

Background Information

  • 2.4 million people all around the world are victims of human trafficking

  • Anyone can end up being a victim of human trafficking

  • Two out of every three victims are women

  • 80 percent of victims are being exploited as sexual slaves

  • Each year 32 billion dollars is earned by criminals running human trafficking networks

  • Has not captured the attention of the public or made it to the top of political agendas

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Causes (Human Trafficking)

  • Women are lured by promises of steady employment

  • The recruiter, who is wealthy in the unfortunate area, approaches young girls or women and tell stories of how money is very easy to earn in the developed countries

  • Runaways and refugees looking for opportunity in other countries are naive believing the traffickers can help them obtain a better life

  • Financial gain for the trafficker

  • Demand for cheap labor from men who also benefit from the pleasure

  • In armed conflicts, some trafficked humans are captured through slave raiding

  • Parents giving their kids to traffickers, believing they will have a better life

  • Parents selling their kids for money to pay off debt or to gain money
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  • Unwanted pregnancies often result in unclean abortions which can lead to long term health issues or even death

- Less women in societies having healthy pregnancies adding to the next generation of workers

  • Women and kids brutally beaten and harmed

- If they escape or are released, their mental state is such that they cannot positively contribute to their communities

  • Many are not properly educated in the area of sexually transmitted diseases, meaning people are typically unaware of what they are and most definitely whether or not they have them

- As diseases spread, people become sick and can't work or die

- If people are sick, they cannot work and require medicine, which puts a burden on communities to pay for medical bills

  • Negatively affects the victims’ physical and psychological health

  • Hinders the educational processes and capacity development for the victims, especially children and teenagers

  • Human trafficking has a large negative impact on the world’s economy due to the significant loss of human and social capital

  • Human traffickers get away with human trafficking because they have power and the victims are scared to fight against them

  • Disrupts society by displacing families, can forever break families because their family tree can end, and other family members are left hurting
Human Trafficking in the United States

Answer To EQ

The long term effects of human trafficking on our community are:

  • The economy affected by reduction in work force

- Money being made by human traffickers is not going to the people who need it

  • Families torn

- Family member taken away from them

- Family member could die

- Less income for family

  • Sexually transmitted diseases spreading

- Making people sick

- People need medicine

- They sometimes die

  • No kids to educate because they are taken away by traffickers

- Don't have skills

- Can't get a job

- Can't contribute to economy

Final Thoughts Paragraph

Human trafficking damages a community on many levels. It leaves a deep scar on the victims, their families, and their communities. Until the public becomes more aware of this issue, there is not a lot of hope for the trafficked victims, which leads to communities falling apart. Human trafficking is horrific and inhumane. It is a fast growing issue and our society needs to put a stop to it. No one should have to go through what victims of human trafficking experience.


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