Sofia Buenestado

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Security Guard

Zouheir is an everyday hero because he found the explosives of one of the suicide attackers that wanted to enter the Stade of France Saint Dennis with a ticket, but he was turned away from the gates when the guard found his explosive vest. The man backed away from the stade and detonated the explosives. Zouheir saves a lot of lifes.

He works as a security guard. A typical working day for a security guard means starting work at 8:00 and finishing at 20:00. A security guard works in places with a lot of people.

At work, he is responsible for the safety of people and premises in the area that they are working in. To be a security guard you need these skills: ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner. Ability to act with urgency in an emergency situation. knowledge of using firearms and other security equipment.

I would hate to be a security guard because I don’t like dangerous situations. I would prefer to be a teacher because I love to help people to learn something.