Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of December 12-16 and December 19-21

Strategy Spotlight

Formative Assessment Strategies:

Below are a couple of Formative Assessment Strategies you could implement without much time or energy into your daily lessons.

1. Call out "Ready, Set Show."

  • Student holds up a single finger if they are terribly confused
  • Two fingers if they believe that are starting to understand
  • Three fingers if they think they have mastered the content

2. "My Favorite No"

Assign a warm-up problem or two. Hand out index cards to the students. Have students write their answer on the index card and collect. Look though the answers and place them into two piles. Yes/No as being correct or incorrect. Choose your favorite no and discuss with the class on why it it your favorite. Talk about all the things that were done correctly. You can continue the discussion with students analyzing what is right and also what is wrong.

This can be used in any classroom. The following video is of a math teacher explaining how he uses this strategy. My favorite no.

3. "No Raising Hands to Speak"

Students never raise their hand to speak, but are called upon at random by the teacher or other students. As a result, the teacher can ensure that all students are offering something to the class discussion and presentation (William, 1998) Before using this strategy it may be a good idea to let the students know your plan.

This Week

  • Department of Ed - Regional Training (all day)


  • Department of Ed - Regional Training (all day)


  • 7:45 Data Team Meetings
  • 12:30 IC, Triad, Principal Meeting
  • Work with teachers


  • 7:45 High School IC Christmas Breakfast
  • 7:45 Intermediate Staff Meeting
  • Work with teachers
  • 3:20 4th Grade Team Planning


  • 7:45 Middle School IC Christmas Breakfast
  • 7:45 Staff Meeting w/ Jessica Q and the ELA DTL
  • 7:30 - Special Ed meeting
  • Work with teachers
  • 12-4 - IC Meeting

Next Week


  • 7:45 Primary School IC Christmas Breakfast
  • Work with teachers


  • 7:45 Intermediate School IC Christmas Breakfast
  • Work with teachers


  • Work with teachers

Subs for FAST testing

Don't forget to get subs secured at your grade level for Winter Testing. All grades will be testing Wednesday, January 18, Thursday, January 19, and Friday, January 20. We are hoping there are no issues with the testing because we plan to analyze our winter data on the Monday, January 23 inservice day. If you want to test a couple of students on Monday and Tuesday feel free to do so if you find some time to fit some testing in.

IC Christmas Breakfast

The four instructional coaches will be providing breakfast for the intermediate staff on Tuesday, December 20 from 7:45-8:15 am in the staff lounge. Please stop by and enjoy a holiday treat from all of us that morning.