All About Me

By: Alyssa Groves

I babysit

I started last year because i am now old enough to babysit. I got my babysitting certificate. I got taught what you have to do and the things you have to be aware of in the class that i earned my certificate in.

I like sports

I like to play soccer and do gymnastics. I played soccer since i was 5. I am now on a travel team my team name is called the 'Hulmeville Galaxy'. I have been doing gymnastics since i was 11. I go to 'Leaps and Bounders'.

I like the color Blue

I like the color blue because it stands out and i like how it can be bright,dark,neon,etc. Blue is at lot of places,it's the color of the ocean,pool,sky,etc.

I love to read

I love to read all different kinds of books. I like action and murder mysteries. I like books that make me think. I like challenges so it makes me think more and have to guess and try to figure things out.

I love my family

They do a lot for me and i love them sooo much. They are always there for me and support me in everything i do. My family is awesome.