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Technology 6...How we do

What do students learn in Tech 6?

We started off the year learning about various types of robots and their functions. Students then designed their own robot models in class and presented them. Students learned the basics of Google applications such as Gmail, Docs, Slides and Sheets. They learned video editing through YouTube and WeVideo. They have learned how to search YouTube with filters, as well as create personal and educational playlists. Students have also experimented with an app called Webcam Toy for both entertaining and educational purposes. Currently, students are creating energy efficient model houses after researching ways to make a home more energy efficient.
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Using "Selfies" to Teach!

Students experimented with an app in the Chrome Web Store called Webcam Toy. They investigated the various effects the app had to offer and then had to take ten pics for which they then created properly punctuated dialogue. The second assignment students had to complete with the Webcam Toy app was titled "Selfie Strike a Pose Vocabulary." This assignment required students to choose 10 SAT words from a list and then figure out how they would pose to show they understood the meaning of the word. For example, the word "lachrymose" means tearful. The student would then take a picture of him or herself appearing as if they were sad or crying. Students had to provide the word, its definition and a rationale as to why they posed how they did for the selfie.
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Energy Efficient House Models

Students had to research ways to conserve energy in a house and then had to construct a model that incorporated the energy saving tips.

About Ms. Brkich

This is my 15th year teaching at Windham Junior High School and first year teaching Tech 6. I love sharing my tech expertise and the more I learn, the more I want to learn!