Travel Journal

Cole C 2nd Period

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Monterrey - Culture

Today, I was traveling through Monterrey, Mexico, and stayed the night with some friends. I was amazed at how much of a great way of life they had! Now that I am thinking this over, I really wish I lived like them.

First of all, my friends food was amazing. It was the perfect meal! While the food is cooking we would all sit down on the couch or chairs and watching soccer games, while eating chips served with guacamole, queso and/or salsa. These are traditional foods in Mexico and soccer is a popular sport

Once the main dish is served for us, we all light a candle and pray. Are prayer is about their family members and also they bless many things. They bless local tragedies their family members, and even the food!

Soon we get to enjoy our meal. Our meal consists of burritos or tacos. Also we have sides that include salad, rice, beans, corn, and bread. At times the family will cook a whole lot of food and invite nieghbors, or family and hold a feast.

They tell me most families enjoy traditional music played by family members. The music could be family stories to help the younger know more about their family. Or they just play casual music to let everyone relax. Some songs can be very religious which brings up the families religion.

Most families are very Catholic and go to chapel sometime in the week and then go to church on Sunday mornings.

I think learning how they live was worth the time, because now I have seen an even better way to live. Now I am starting to want to live like this because it is a lot more fun and also more interesting than my way of living.Now I know something new I can try instead of the same old, casual way of living my life.

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Panama City - History

1912, Feb 21st

I have just arrived in Panama City and started to notice how magnificent this canal will be when it is completed! It must have been real smart for America to help Panama. Panama was part of Columbia, and America asked Columbia if they could build a canal and own it. Columbia refused, so then, America asked Panama if they wanted to be free in return for them(America) to be allowed to own the canal. Panama agreed, so America fought Columbia until they gave up Panama.

Now there are around 70 thousand people in Panama City working on the canal, and nearly 20 thousand have already died due to the tropical diseases like malaria, and yellow fever. There are many American engineers here that seem to be planning out what to build on the canal and also instructing the natives that chose to work on this project.

The American officials are now telling me that the canal should be done in about two years. They are also telling me that the canal will bring money, because the people who want to travel through it to take an easier route around the Americas will have to pay some type of money to get through.

I can now see again how this canal will be useful when it is finished, but I really think that it will bring more than money. I think it will bring lots of people to live on the canal and also work on the canal. People in a few years might also decide to come and visit the canal and provide tourism money.

This is how the expanded Panama Canal works
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Galapagos islands - Geography

Dear Journal,

Today I decided to visit the Galapagos islands, and WOW! It was an amazing site, all of it. First of all, the animals caught my attention. When I first arrived I noticed all the birds: red and blue footed boobies, albatrosses, and also flamingos.

That wasn't all of the animals though. There were also penguins! Why, why would there be penguins? Well the penguins are here because of the cool ocean climate.

What really caught my attention though, was the marine iguanas and the tortoises. They were both huge and did amazing things, like even sneezing out salt!

I often looked out into the water and saw large schools of dolphins or fish jumping, and also at times a hammerhead shark, or even a gigantic humpback whale that leapt out of the water!

Soon, I started to talk to locals and they told me that this archipelago was made by volcanoes. Just to think, that I am walking on cooled and hardened lava!

I really love the nice climate. All sixteen islands are tropical, because they lie on the equator, and have a nice cool ocean water temperature.

I really enjoyed seeing these islands, because of the geography, and looking at all the animals I have never seen before.

I now hope there are other places in the world like this that I can visit!

sneezing iguanas
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Buenos Aires - Government

Dear Journal,

Today I had a great experience, it was unbelievable! Here is what happened: I met up with Christina Fernandez de Kirdner, the president of Argentina. She is telling me about their government style, and how everything in it works.

First she tells me that they are a democratic republic, with a national government stronger than the provincial government. Then she says there are 23 provinces, which calls for 23 provincial governments with their own legislative and judicial branch. She tells me that 3 senators from each province will and precede in the national congress. Each senator will spend a six year term.

Speaking of terms, she tells me, that she spends a four year term and can be re-elected only once.

There are also 257 members in the legislature that make the laws for the country and each belongs in one of the two houses.

She is now telling me about the federal government in Buenos Aires, where she works, the supreme court with nine members, and the Capitol building which is located here.

Now after evaluating how this government works, I really think this government can easily operate and control the country without any flaws what so ever.