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First Trimester

Mom: The mom can expect many things in the first trimester of pregnancy. Things to expect include symptoms like morning sickness, discharge, and fatigue. Breast tenderness and constipation can also occur.

Baby: By 5 weeks the baby's brain should begin to develop. And the synapses in the brain don't start to form in the brain until about the 12th week. But the noticeable stuff doesn't start until the 13th week when the baby's fingerprints start forming.

Second Trimester

Mom: Due to the increased weight of the baby the mom can encounter backaches. For some reason the mom can suffer from bleeding gums during her second trimester. Breast enlargement can happen due to milk production in preparation for breast feeding.

Baby: The baby's gender should be distinguishable by 15 weeks, and by 17 weeks the bones should be hardening. And by 19 weeks the baby is able to hear your voice.

Third Trimester

Mom: The mom can expect to have backaches because of the baby and extra weight on her body. She will be lactating and could suffer from bleeding gums. She will most likely not want to stand for very long because of heavy weight.

Baby: By the third trimester the baby should be able to open and close it's eyes. The lungs should be well developed and it should be at around 4-5 lbs. it also should be at 15-19 inches from head to toe.