Why should you wear a seatbelt?

By-Tyenna Muller & Marli Taubert

Reason 1.

Wearing your seatbelt while riding or driving in a vehicle can safe your life, but only if you wear it properly. The shoulder belt should go over your shoulder not under your arm, and it should be snug to your body. If the shoulder belt is worn incorrectly and you are in an accident , it could crush your ribs or injure your internal organs. The lap belt should be worn nice and low over your hips, not across your stomach.

Reason 2.

Your face is less likely to hit the windshield if you're wearing a seatbelt because it stops your inertia. That is if your car is going 60 miles an hour and suddenly stops, your face won't hit the windshield going 60 miles an hour.

Reason 3.

It keeps you from banging against parts of your car such as the door, the steering wheel and the seat in front of you.

Reason 4.

Seatbelts keep the driver and passengers from banging into each other, a cause of very serious injury.

Reason 5

Air bags are less effective and maybe useless if you are not wearing a seatbelt, it can still throw you against your car parts and passengers. Your body may not remain in a position that benefits from the protection of the air bag, if you are not buckled into your seat.

Reason 6.

Wearing a seat belt could save your life, sometimes death results form hitting the windshield and being thrown around your vehicle.

reason 7.

It increases your chances of being unhurt and alert if an accident that results in a fire or being submerged under water, which increases your chances of getting out. Also less than 1/2 of 1 percent injury causes crashes result in fire or submersion.

Reason 8.

The first seat belt, referred to as a safty belt back then, was invented by an engineer Goerge Caylay buring the late 1800 for the purpose of keeping pilots safe. the first american law requiring the use of seat belts in vecicle was past in 1984 by the state of New York.