reintroducing native species

kylie miracle

Ethical Question:

Should we reintroduce animals back to their native habitate after they have been driven out of the area?


Reintroduction refers to the deliberate release of an animal or plant species into the wild. In other words; bringing back a species that once lived in a specific area that has either been driven out by other species or has moved on on its own.


  • Control "pest" numbers
  • Maintain an ecosystem
  • Enhance species diversity in an ecosystem
  • Increased tourism
  • Allowing other populations to grow
  • Promote long term survival of species


  • sustainability
  • threat to live stock
  • low success rate
  • harm to humans, property, and other wild life
  • overcrowding
  • ecosystem is "fine" with out the new species

Reintroduced into Iowa

Ethical Considerations:

Reintroducing a species into an area where it used to live can a very hard task. It affects the way an ecosystem works and can have a negative, or positive, affect. Reintroducing predators can make a population of say, deer, decling but then the plants that the deer were eating will be able to thrive again. Bringing back animals can significantly restore the enviroment and bring it back to its "natural" state.

What I think:

Reintroducing animals is a good thing to do. It can prevent a species from being extinct or even endangered, An ecosystem can become more in balance and in places like national parks it can improve tourism. Even though there is a big cost and some harms, bringing back native species is the right thing to do.

Policy Recomendations:

Restricted Pursuit;

  • Human considerations
  • introduced species considerations
  • animals currently living in the area
By Kylie Miracle