Hayley Cox


The climate in a grassland is-10 to 30 inches of precipatation each year-late springs and early summers-summers are 100 degrees fahrenheit or more

Animals and their adaptations


Aardvarks have sticky saliva to catch and eat ants and  termited


has a stinger to inject a paralyzing poison into its prey.

Bumble Bee

stings predators to keep them away


has sharp teeth to tear and rip food


use camoflauge to hide from predators and prey

Animals in the grasslands

Location of Grasslands

grasslands are located in the middle latitudes in the interiors of continents.

Interesting facts about grasslands

1. Drought and fire prevent forests from growing in the grasslands                                                   2. There are two types of grasslands; tall grass and short grass                                                      3. The soil of most grasslands is thin and dry

plants and their adaptations

three examples of plants in the grasslands is 1.milkweed  2. stinging nettle plant 3. prairie blazingstar.  some adaptations are having bright colors to attract butterflies and bees, having poison to keep things from eating it, and having a painful sting when something touches it to keep away predators.