Resources For Teachers

Professional Development Inservice Session

1. Find Standards by State and Grade Level

If you ever need a quick way to find state standards for math and ELA, is a great tool because it shows a map of all the states to choose from, then each grade level in that state.

2. Math and ELA Practice

Also at, there are practice problems and activities for students by grade level. This would be a great way to introduce a new unit in Math or English/Language Arts.

3. Hearing Pronunciation

At the website,, you can type words into the box and a voice will read them to you. I would use this tool when students are struggling with reading. I would have them write down a list of the words they don't know how to pronounce and have them go to this site.

4. Graph Making

At the site, you can easily create graphs and share them with others. This would be a good tool for teachers to use to display information or good for older students to create their own graph for a presentation.

5. Collages

At, you can upload your photos and create a collage online. I would use this for introducing a lesson or for "star student of the week".

6. Make a Story

I love the site ! You create a story choosing from a set of characters and plots. It would be a great tool for learning about plot, antagonist, protagonist, setting, etc. Its structured enough to use quickly while still being meaningful.

8. Questionaut

Questionaut is a game of problem solving and discovery that involves answering questions to get to each level. The questions are categorized by level, such as math, reading and science. This would be a great game to use during free computer time.

9. Differences

The site lets you compare any two things. This would be a great site for planning debates or comparing just about anything.

10. Magic Pen

This is another great free time game that teaches kids about physics. It's actually pretty challenging and would engage kids in deep thinking about physics.