Honors American History I

August 24-28, 2015

Welcome to Honors American History I

This is my weekly new letter to keep parents up-to-date on the things happening in Honors American History 1. Each week will just give you a preview of the topics, some links that will show you content that we are studying, a list of due dates for current and ongoing assignments, and anything else that you may need to know or want to know about what is happening in our class.

These emails are just a way to keep you informed about one class in your child's day but any necessary information that you must have I will communicate by phone, email, or a handout to your students. So, if you change your mind and no longer wish to receive them just email me at any time during the semester at jessica.fisher@ucps.k12,nc,us and I will remove you from the list!

Signed Syllabus

Wednesday, Aug. 26th, 8am


Please be sure to read and review the information in the syllabus with your student. It contains not only a list of class expectations and goals but also a contract about personal responsibility that your student must sign. I have included a sheet for you to provide me with the contact information that you would prefer for me to use and to inform me about anything I should know about your child. Finally, attached to that syllabus is a permission slip for watching movies in the classroom that also requires a parent signature. Thank you in advance!

My contact information

I am available to parents during the work day and would love to talk to you about any questions or concerns that you have regarding my class. Feel free to contact me using any of the means below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
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