The Facebook Guide for Grandparents

How to set up a Facebook page & what not to do

Do you complain about never seeing your family's photographs from their holidays, parties and events. When was the last time you went through an album full of printed out photographs? Well if you have answered yes to any of these questions - then this guide is for you. It's time to get with the times and start up a Facebook page where you will be able to view all the photographs your family members take but never print out - instead they are immediately uploaded to Facebook. And don't be afraid of this 'foreign' thing called Facebook because it is actually super easy to set up - follow the easy steps below. Good luck!

Step 1 - Make sure the computer is switched on

This may seem like an obvious step but you'd be surprised.

Step 2 - Open the internet and type in

Double click on your internet icon, either Firefox or Chrome. A page like the below will open. You will now need to type the address, web address: - not a physical address. Now click enter and wait for the page to load.

Step 3 - The Facebook homepage will now appear on your screen

Once the page has loaded on your computer, it will look like the below image. If you do not see this, then you will need to take a step back or maybe call your grandchild to help.

Step 4 - It's now time to sign up

Here is the easy part - Fill in all the relevant information in the blank spaces. Once you have done this click the big green button labelled 'Sign Up'. If you don't have an email address - well that's a whole different story and you will need to follow a "How to guide in setting up an email address"

Don't forget to breathe - you are doing great. Just imagine how impressed your family will be!

Step 5 - You will receive an email

You will receive mail! Go open your email account as you will have received a confirmation mail from Facebook. You need to click on link in the email. It will direct you back to Facebook. This is to confirm that you have used the correct email address.

Step 6 - Follow the 3 Facebook steps

The link will bring you to this page. Follow the three simple steps.
Step 1 - Find your friends and family
Step 2 - Profile Information
Step 3 - Profile picture

Keep going you're nearly there

Step 7 - Facebook News Feed

Your Facebook page is now set up! Well done! The page you will now find yourself upon is your News Feed. The News Feed is where you will be able to see what your friends and family have been up to - you first have to invite people to be your Facebook friend in order to chat up with the gossip and news.

Step 8 - Jazz up your Facebook profile

You will need to click on your name at the top right of the page - this will direct you to your personal profile page. Here you can edit your profile picture or add a cover photo. Once again do not upload irrelevant or inappropriate photo's as this will definitely scare your grandchildren off as they will refuse to accept your friend request.

Congratulations you're now done!

You have successfully created a Facebook page. There is now no excuse in complaining about never seeing your family's photo's. You can go onto their profile pages and view their albums - this is considering they accept your friend request.

The DON'T's of Facebook for Grandparents

1. DON'T under any circumstance write a status about your every move or feeling - we do not want to know about your varicose veins or the fact that you just went to the toilet.
2. DON'T 'like' everything you see in your news feed - your grandchildren will be extremely irritated and embarrassed.
3. DON'T write inappropriate or embarrassing things on your grandchild's wall - they will most probably block you from their page - which would completely defeat the point of you getting Facebook in the first place.

Fimilarise yourself with the below icons