Social-Emotional Development

Birth - Age 2

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  • The quality and intensity of emotional reactions
  • Passivity, irritability, and activity patterns are temperament
  • Passivity is how involved you child is
  • Irritability is the tendency to feel distressed
  • Activity patterns are levels of movement
  • Infants will need tender care and attention!


  • A strong emotional connection between two people
  • Infant will come attached to caregivers
  • The quality of attachment depends on adults
  • Separation anxiety is strong by 15 months
  • Be prepared for attachment behaviors

Changes over time

  • Birth-3 months newborns barely show emotions
  • 3-6 months respond to people with laughter
  • 6-12 months becomes actively with caregivers
  • 12-24 months children will show separation anxiety