Noticeably November K Cornell

Nov. 9th - Nov. 13th

A Salute to a Great Week!

Math: We have finished Unit 3 Numbers 0 - 10. The skills we have learned are foundational skills that will be practiced, retaught, and called upon in all of our forthcoming units in Primary Math. Number Writing is habit forming. If your child is making reversals, please ask him or her to fix the number. It is recognized by the community of Occupational Therapists (according to our building OT, Mrs. Behrendt) that writing symbols (numbers and letters) is not mastered until 3rd grade.

Science: Animals in Autumn. What do animals do to prepare for hibernation or migration?

Social Studies:

  • What is a Veteran? We discussed Veteran's Day our National Holiday. We talked about soldiers and freedom. We made construction paper poppies (the symbol of thanks).
  • Diwali: On Tuesday we had a wonderful presentation from Madhavi Karnik (Rohan's Mom) and Seeta Gray (Eesha's Mom). We joined classes with Mr. DiStefano's kindergarten to learn all about this holiday of lights. We saw a digital presentation, heard a story, saw Diyas, colored Rangolis, and enjoyed banana chips and mango smoothies. Our classroom space was decorated by Eesha, Iyla, and their Mom Seeta! It was lovely. Happy Diwali!

Star of the week: This week we learned all about Balaaj!

Next Week's Star: Kyle Hung

Emergent Readers: Text to Self Connection Using a part of the story to relate to you own life. It enhances comprehension when you can relate. In Where the Wild Things Are, Max makes some bad choices. (He chases his dog with a fork and yells at his Mom. )

Fundations: We are learning the formation of e and r. We continue to correlate the letters with their names, sounds and keywords from the Fundations Alphabet Chart.

Review at home letters and sounds. Pay close attention to the name and sounds of w and y. At this point with all of our exposure in writing and reading, we have talked about every letter and sound. These two letters seem to be the most tricky for my students.

Writing Workshop: All things lists.... Enjoy writing them at home!

Trick Word Study: his + is

Tribute to all Veterans and Service Members
Print free number handwriting pgs. from a cool blog!

I think the Lego Robotics post on this blog is pretty amazing as well.

Use a tablet for earth friendly practice!

Parents can print, download, and use the free kindergarten math worksheets online. Children who have an iPad or other tablet device can actually draw on the worksheets with their fingers. The learning material is both fun and educational.