Digital Citizenship

What You Should Do To Keep Yourself Safe Online


  • What you do online affects your reputation forever.
  • When you post or do anything online, you brand yourself with a mark that doesn't wash off.
  • A bad online reputation can make it hard to get a job.
  • Colleges look at your online actions to see if you are qualified.

Digital Foot Print

  • Every time you log on, you leave a foot print that can be traced back.
  • Employers and colleges search you to find what kind of digital foot print you have left behind
  • The more you log on, the more you foot print grows
  • includes the use of TV, mobile phones, and internet and other devices and sensors

"What Not To Do Section"

  • don't post inappropriate pictures
  • don't swear online
  • don't post anything that would be degrading to others
  • don't share anything you don't want others to see or anything you don't want to be traced back to you
  • don't post pictures of others that they don't want posted


  • cyber bullying occurs all around us on the internet
  • it has a great affect on those affected by it - loss of self esteem, suicide
  • cyber bullying occurs when someone makes fun of or makes rude comments about another person
  • cyber bullying is against the law and can be punishable by jail time

Bullying Speaker | Youth Motivational | School Assemblies

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