By Clara 6H

What we did.

Camp was so much fun. We did lots of stuff like: gorging, archery, climbing, rope activities, rope course, fun games, we ate smores and lots of other stuff.


The first thing we did we did at the Y.W.C.A was get in our groups. My group was called the scrawny gremlins. In my group there was: me, Shae , Nicholas, Kopal, Sophia, Sitara, Meher , Spencer, Sebbie, Leone, Beatrice, Grant, James, Avril. When we got in our groups we played some really fun games. We played a game that you had to get the ball to the last person as soon as possible. On our first try we took 15 seconds. But as we kept on doing it we got down to 5 seconds.


Other things we did


Archery was really fun even though I only hit the white. Kopal was the only one in my group who hit the center. We also learnt how to aim it was a great experience.


I had so much fun climbing the climbing wall. Me, Spencer, Grant and Sebbie timed ourselves. I took 27 seconds to get to the top. It was really great.

Rope Activities/ Ropes Course

We had so much fun doing the rope activities they were also a bit challenging. But when we worked as a group it was really fun!

The Ropes course was really fun too. It was quite easy too but it was still fun. I loved the end bit where you got to swing on the swings!


I loved staying at camp I also loved sleeping with the people in our dorms. My dorm was called the FBI (Funny Bunny Institution). I wish camp would have gone on longer but it still was a great 2 days.
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