Commercial Research

Will Johnson

Gatorade Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Iconic Commercial Bleacher Report


Gatorade is targeting sports fans, ages 15 - 55. They are using nostalgia to appeal and are using a lot of American sports legends, but also have soccer players, so they are mostly targeting people in America and Europe
Subway $5 FootLong Commercial


Subway is targeting people ages 20 - 35 as they repeat their jingle "$5 foot long multiple times". They are also targeting people who want a healthy quick meal who are on the go. People in America.
McDonald's: "America's Favorite"


In the ad, McDonald's says that they are "America's favorite" and they show a lot of different people having fun. They are targeting people ages 5 - 25 who like to talk with friendly people and who like to have fun with their friends.