Field Day Reminders

For Teachers

Field Day 2017

Important Dates to Remember

May 11th- waivers are due to teacher (please keep these for your records)

May 11th- roster with highlighted names of students whom are purchasing a sack lunch from the cafeteria is due to Coach Wheeler (keep a copy for yourself)

May 12th- filed day shirts will be delivered.

May 19th-field day

Don't forget to practice and prepare for the pep rally! Spirit sticks will be awarded for the winner of K-2 and 3-5.


What do I do with my waivers?

You will need to keep your field day waivers. Please make a list of any students that DO NOT have permission to participate. Fill out the lunch count form using this also. Lunch count is due May 11th.

What if I have Behavior problems on field day?

Please try having the student sit out at a station, take a break, etc. All administrators will have walkie talkies if you need assistance.

What can I wear on field day?

Teachers can wear their field day shirt or any appropriate shirt ( appropriate sleeveless shirts are OK) with appropriate length shorts (athletic shorts are OK if appropriate length).

Can I participate with my class?

You may participate in field day activities with your class. Please make sure you are monitoring your class at all times. If you plan to get wet please bring an extra pair of clothes to change into.

Where do we eat lunch on field day?

You will eat lunch in your classroom or outside of your classroom on field day. Janitors will provide your classroom with extra trash bags. Please follow the schedule for when you need to pick up sack lunches.

Will we have recess or specials on field day?

No. You will not have recess or specials on field day. You will eat lunch with your class on field day.

Can non Bentley students participate in field day (parents, siblings, etc.)?

Only Bentley students can participate in field day activities and receive a snow cone. Parents and siblings may come watch field day but may not participate in activities.

Can parents take their child home after field day?

Yes! Please have your sign out sheet available. If it is NOT your field day, parents MUST go to the front office to sign out their child and the office will call for them. We do NOT want parents going to the classroom to get siblings, etc.

Where and how do my students change after field day?

Students will need to bring a towel and a change of clothes to school on field day. You will need to monitor students while allowing them to change in the bathroom. Work with a partner teacher and one teacher stays at the bathrooms to monitor the students changing and the other stays in the classroom watching the other students. Or you can take your class to the bathroom and monitor your class as they change.

What does Games mean on field day?

Your class will have the opportunity to play games on field day in the classroom. Teachers will need to plan accordingly. Some examples are electronics, wii or xbox, play dough, board games, manipulatives, fun science experiments, fun art projects. Coach Wheeler will not be providing games for your class.

How will I know where to go on field day?

You will receive a schedule and map the week of field day. You will use the map as a guide of where to start and which way to rotate. You will hear an air horn when it is time to rotate.

What do I need to bring for field day?

Bring a towel (you may want to bring a few extra,) and a change of clothes. Remember to put your students towels in your lunch tub and place it against the wall by the outdoor classroom.

How will my class watch the movie?

You will access the movie at your designated time (8:30 or 12:30) through the broadcasting system in the library.

What if I have a student that can NOT participate or must miss stations?

If you have a student that did not bring their waiver back or can not participate due to medical, behavior, etc. reasons, the student will still travel with you and your class but will sit to the side.

What if a student gets hurt?

Please carry a bag with you on field day with band aids, nurse passes, pen, field day sign out sheet. If a student gets hurt with a minor cut or injury and you can put a band aid on it please take care of it yourself. We will have a nurses station set up outside at a table in the outdoor classroom. We are hoping to take care of most incidents outside so the students do not track water in the building. If it is a serious injury the student will be taken inside to the nurses office. Please check your inventory of band aids and first aide supplies and let Nurse Camilli know if you need anything.