The Batboy

By: Mike Lupica

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Brian has a dream come true. He gets to work as a Batboy for the Tigers. Brian's favorite player joins the team and slowly becomes friends with Brian. Brian's dad comes back to see Brian after not seeing him for many years. Another part of the story that is going on in the background is Brian's baseball team. They are winning most of their games. The whole book is centered around baseball.


Character Info

Brian Dudley: Brian is the main character. He is a kid that loves baseball. He gets a job as a bat boy for the Tigers. His favorite player is Hank Bishop. Brian plays on his all star team with Kenny. Brian is a average player. Brian does change a little throughout the book but the book is mostly about the people around him changing.

Hank Bishop: Hank is a major league baseball player. He got in trouble for using steroids and now has been picked up by the Tigers. In the beginning he is a quiet guy you don't want to bother and is not playing at his best. By the end he seems to care about the people around him and starts playing better. Hank becomes very close to Brian.

Liz Dudley: Liz is Brian's mom. She raises him alone. She really cares about her son and tries to be interested in what Brian is.

Cole Dudley: Cole is Brian's dad. He left Brian and Liz because he believed he was a bad father. He was a major league pitcher. He comes back in the story and works his way back into Brian's life.

Kenny Griffin: Kenny is Brian's best friend they are on the same baseball team and he makes many appearances in the book.

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Mike Lupica is the author of the Batboy and is the author of many other sports books.