The Treaty of Waitangi 1840


The Treaty of Waitangi

On the 6th of February 1840, the English Missionary's alongside the British Resident, James Busby and the British Govener, William Hubson and the French Missionary's joined in a meeting with the Maori Cheifs of New Zealand. The Missionsays and British held a speech before opening the meeting for the Maori Cheifs as well. The first Cheif to sign was Hone Heke. In the end 552 Cheifs signed the treaty.

Problems of the Treaty

Some of the problems with the Treaty were:

  • A lot of the translations from English to Maori were inaccurate and caused confusion with ownership.
  • The English thought it meant that they would be in control but the Maoris thought the same.
  • The Maoris thought the British would cease conflicts in New Zealand.
  • The Maori didn't realise signing the treaty meant the English has sole right to buy land and set the price.
  • The Maori thought they had the right to their land but they didn't, the English did.