Richard Trenton Chase

"The Vampire Killer of Sacramento"

About Richard Trenton Chase

- Born on May 23, 1950 in Sacramento, California

- As a child he was known to wet the bed, set fires, and torture animals

- Parents divorced and fathered remarried

- When he became older, he started to drink and use drugs

- In and out of mental institutions

- He developed Hypochondria from his usage of drugs and thought his blood was turning to powder so the only way he can get better is by fresh blood

- When he was 21 he had no social life and spent his time capturing animals and eating them raw

- In 1976, he was hospitalized for blood poisoning after injecting a rabbits blood in his veins

- 1977, he shot and killed his first victim, Ambrose Griffin because he was frustrated that his mother would not let him come home for Christmas

- Terry Wallin was his second victim who was 22 years old and pregnant with David Wallin's baby. She was dissembled and drained of her blood

- Chase drank her blood

- 36 year old Evelyn Miroth, 6 year old son Jason, 52 year old Daniel Meredith, and 22 month old Michael Ferrieira were his next victims.

- Motive was finding doors that were unlocked

- Police found blood-stained rags and a blender with bloody residue, a .22-caliber pistol, and dishes with human brain and body parts in the fridge left. Also, Meredith's wallet.

- Richard Chase resided within a mile of his murders

- Was able to go to trial

- Found guilty on all six murders. First degree murder.

- Committed suicide (overdosed) December 1980 in Vacaville, United States


Richard Chase was caught when a women in her 20s mentioned she ran into someone who she went to high school with and he approached her car. His eyes were sunken and he was extremely thin with bloodstains on his sweatshirt. She identified him as Richard Trenton Chase and reported it to the police. The police staked out near his apartment and took Chase into custody.