Tout A Mon Sujet

All About Me- Ayanna Williams


In my spare time I like to make jewlery at least try and play basketball ! Haha! My favorite color is green, its something about green that catches my attention. My favorite food is everything. I would try new things but if i dont like it then i will NEVER eat it again. I like all types of music im very diverse in that area. No favorite books, but a favorite author.....Sharon Draper. I have no pets..allergic and i only really have one bestfriend others are friends.


I go on vacations during the summer but one place i would really want to visit is Rome. It looks interesting, people have alot of great stories when they come back. My family can be crazy but one thing thats really special about them is how goofy we are. Thats where i get it from. One great thing i did this summer is go to my family reunion. Everyone looked so different from the last time i seen them. Most memorable moment in my life is when we went to Alanta, Georgia. I seen the Coca-Cola Factory for the very first time.


I dont really dislike anything or anyone ...everyone has there limit and if u push me to that limit I can really blow up!! My biggest fear is not having a career after college. I want to know what I want to be after highschool most definatley after college.


A talent I have is I sing and I like to make jewlery. I could do better at my school work, which im doing this year, last year was bad and im really trying this year for straight A's!

Future Plans

After highschool I would like to do something in the buisness field. Whether its accounting or having my own buisness in something. Changes I would like to see in our world is less polution and more of us being a united.