Birman cats

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Good things about Birmans

Good things about the Birman cat is that they are playful,calm and affectionate. They are friendly and love to be around people and other animals. People can adopt Birmans in many ways. They are very strong cats. With good care they can live a very long life. The maximum is 15 years! They have muscular bodies. They follow there owners and they love children. A really good thing is that they are quiet cats. There not pushy. This breed is a happy and trusting cat. The females in this breed mature early like seven to eight months. The females are also known for being devoted mothers. The males are known for their kind,loving temperaments. This breed is a beautiful breed that gives power and balance.


Don't leave the cat alone for a long period of time because they crave attention. A bad sickness for them is called Christmas Disease. Another disease is called thymus disease. They have bad eye conditions like Corneal and Congenital disease. Most owners keep them an indoor cat, to keep them from bad accidents or other animal fights. Good Birman breeders never use cats with health issues. Birman cats need regular dental care to protect there teeth and gums from plaque. Dry cat food helps them from plaque. Never brush there teeth with regular toothpaste because they can swallow it and become sick. Owners should brush there teeth once a week. They use scratching posts to sharpen their claws. They need to go to the veterinarian once a year. They have lots of hairballs. Some prefer moist cat food.

Birmans Weight and Size.

They are medium sized cats. Males weigh 10-14 pounds and females weigh 7-11 pounds.

Country Information

In 1919 the cat was sent from Burma to France. There are a lot of different colored cats. By the end of world war 11 there was only a handful of Birmans on the continent of Europe. Even though its not native to France its considered by most feline fanciers to be a French breed. Their from the country of Burma.