3rd Week of School Updates

Ninety-One School

September 15th Updates

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Dear Ninety-One Community,

We are off and running with this first five day week. It's exciting to now have a very close to full staff. We are still hiring for a 3.5 hour Cafeteria Assistant. Also, please see more information regarding bus driver vacancies below. This week we hired Jaqueline Bruketta as our new School Health Assistant and are excited for her to join the team. We have received a lot of really great questions pertaining to when to and when not to keep students home with illness. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of these questions and the care and concern our community is demonstrating around cold season as well as general Covid-19 response and precaution. While we want our students here as much as possible, here's the reference guide we use and refer to to help answer these questions. Please keep the questions and communications coming as we enter this first cold season and always.


Joanna Tobin, Principal

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Breakfast and Lunch

This year all students are welcome to eat breakfast and lunch free of charge!

General Covid-19 Protocol Updates

Thank you all for the patience and determination it takes as we wade through all of this. For the time being we are asked by OHA and ODE to implement the following:
  • Utilize outdoor eating options
  • Encourage students to wear masks outside or stay 6ft apart
  • Remain 3ft apart in classrooms
  • Utilize outdoor spaces as best as possible

We also anticipate two 40 x 40ft tents arriving and being installed next week. We encourage students bringing layers of clothing as the weather begins to change.

Important Dates

September 22nd Late Start

September 29th Late Start

October 6th Late Start

October 8th No School: K-12/PD Day

October 13 Late Start

October 14th No School: Conferences

October 15th No School