Boehm Reopening 4-Day Info

Please read for important information and commitment survey

A message from Mr. Bloom

Dear Boehm Families,

On Thursday, March 4th, the Pennsbury Board of School Directors approved the option for families to choose for their children to return to school for 4 days of in-person instruction or full-time remote instruction beginning Monday, April 12th for secondary students. All students will continue to take part virtually in the full-remote schedule on Fridays through the remainder of the school year.

We are writing to ask that you complete the important Instructional Commitment Survey found here for the Pennsbury School District by 6 PM on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

This survey will provide much-needed information for the Boehm team.

In order to help you complete your survey and make an informed decision, we are sharing the following information:


Grade Level Spacing - Based on Current Combined A & B Cohort Numbers

These are purely projections based on the number of students who have been attending school on A Cohort days combined with the number of students attending school on B Cohort days. These are not guaranteed numbers, and ultimately our distancing will be based on the decisions that each family makes to return to school for 4 days. As you’ll note in the attached documents, there may be situations where students are seated at distances that are less than 3 feet apart.

Distancing measurements are based upon a “nose to nose” measurement for students.

Within our Expressive Arts Classrooms (Art, FCS, STEM, Music) students may be seated at tables facing each other and not at desks. Depending on our student enrollment numbers this distance could be less than 3 feet in distance.

Click Here to Access the Classroom Spacing Chart


By utilizing our cafeteria and grade-level classrooms, we will be able to seat our students strategically at 6’ distances during their lunch periods. This will mirror what is currently happening during each grade level’s lunch period. However, ultimately our ability to ensure 6’ distance during lunch will be based upon our “true” numbers from the commitment survey. If our numbers are greater than projected, we may have some areas with less than 6’ distance.


We will continue to follow our current school schedule when we transition to 4 Days of in-person instruction on April 12th. The start of our instructional day will continue to be at 8:10 AM and conclude at 2:00 PM. Teachers will continue to be available for office hours each day until 3:15 PM. As noted, full-remote instruction for all students will continue on Fridays.


Air purifier presentation at a recent school board meeting

These purifiers have been operational since students returned from the holiday break in January. They are now in all classroom instructional areas with more on order for all other instructional spaces.


LINK to Bus Ridership Projections (Current Combined A & B Cohort Students)

This bus information, provided by the School District, details each bus’s maximum capacity for students along with projections for our current A & B Cohort combined ridership. Just like the information provided for our classroom distancing, these are projections and may or may not be our “true” numbers in April.


We may make revisions to our arrival and dismissal procedures prior to April 12th depending upon the expected number of students returning for 4 days of in-person instruction. Any revisions will be communicated with families.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information as you prepare to complete one survey per child for this phase of our 2020-21 school year.

Again, you are to choose either the 4 Day/Week In-Person Option or the Full-Time Remote Option for each child in your family.

Note - the Instructional Commitment Survey will close at 6 PM on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns as you complete the survey this week. Our main office number is 215-428-4220.


Mr. Bloom

Click Here to access the 4-Day Commitment Survey

Click Here to Access the Classroom Spacing Chart

Classroom Distance Chart-Please view to see the social distancing space we are able to provide

Commitment Survey-Must be completed for each student in grades 6-8

Return to 4 Day In-Person Instruction

Monday, April 12th, 7:45am

866 Big Oak Road

Yardley, PA