Biomass energy for the school

Sahana, Haley H, Bella M.,Rebeca. 2nd period

Our logic plan

our plan is to install a biomass boiler and plant a garden. What this will do is we burn the plants we grow or another option is to boil/burn garbage or sewage for electricity for the school. We would power the whole school with the biomass. We would have to burn the plants in the garden and we would hirer a farmer for that and we could use the sewage and the garbage from the school to get enough biomass.

Biomass part A

Biomass is a renewable energy source, and can be anything from energy crops to agricultural or forestry residues and waste. It is currently the largest form of renewable energy in Europe. we would need to change a part of the school to a garden and we would need to grow crops and other plants to burn. We would also need a large space to put the biomass burner. light industrial biomass boiler systems tend to be physically larger and more expensive than their fossil fuel equivalents. We are doing our plan for school.

Some of the resource we can use to burn for energy to use for the school

Part B

HWEnergy installs biomass energy. They have designed and installed over 250 complexes.

The school can also implant EAM. By implementing this the biomass managers(HWEnergy) will be able to track an asset's history through its natural life cycle.

While Planning Permission is not required for a boiler, it may be required for a boiler house, fuel silo and flue (chimney). It may also be required for any aspect of an installation where historic buildings are involved or in sensitive locations. If there is likely to be an increase in the number of large vehicle movements for fuel delivery, or fuel delivery is likely to be noisy, eg when blowing woodchips, Planning Permission may be required. However, all installations will require a building warrant.

Pros and Cons of biomass

Pros- Reduce needs for fossil fuels, Always Avalible, Less Money For Oil, Biomass plants create oxygen

Cons- Land used for growing plants might be needed for other things

, Somtimes causes pulloution

Part C

How much money will the investment cost?

It would cost around $56,560.81 to buy the equipment and keep the machine running. The installation will cost about $40-$100

How do we plan to raise the money for the boiler?

We will use various fundraisers to raise the money for the installation, equipment, and managing of the biomass machine.

Part D

Why Biomass?

We chose Biomass energy because of the low cost and the never ending supply of plants in the world. Biomass energy is a lot less money than other alternative energy sources like wind and solar energy. The installation is a lot less than other energy and the maintaining fee is very little. Biomass energy is also a never ending energy source. There will always be plants in the world and we will always be able to make energy.

Why is this beneficial to the school?

Biomass energy reduces the cost overall of the energy supply at school and benefits a new way of energy for our school. It saves energy in our community by creating our own energy. The energy we create will be sent back to the company as payment for the energy supply. The biomass plant could also be used for demonstration in energy lessons at school.

Will Biomass energy be worth it to put in our school?

The biomass energy will definitely be worth it. Because of the need for more energy that is not created by fossil fuels in the world, people are trying out different ways. By installing a Biomass machine, in the future, when the world is surrounded with other energy sources, the biomass plants are always available to us and it will work nonstop.

How can we solve problems caused by Biomass energy?

Biomass energy can cause a lot of pollution because of the burning of the plants. A solution to that is that the plants we grow for burning can take in the Carbon Dioxide.



-needs plants to burn

-We will have a gardening club to grow the plants

-The burner saves approximately £2,0000 - £3,500

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Why Biomass

Why we choose biomass is this is a renewable energy source and there are a lot of pros and cons. We need to think about what we will use when fossil fuels run out and. This is conserving energy.