Mrs. Nutt's Newsletter

Austin Elementary

Our Week In Review

Dallas Arboretum Field Trip - Tuesday, November 19

*Bring a sack lunch and disposable drink. Label the sack with your child's name.

*Wear an Ausitn Elementary t-shirt - if you have one!

*Comfortable walking shoes are a must!

To learn more about what we will see on our field trip, click on the link below!

Week of November 18 - 22

Language Arts

*practice writing lower case letters: e and l

*Word Wall Words - use, an, each, which, see

*review nouns and verbs

*practice spelling words with digraphs

*Thinking Map - Flow Map

*continue to practice how to retell a story

Reading Retell!

Learning to Retell a Story

We are reading...

*Thanksgiving Rules

*The First Thanksgiving

*T is for Turkey

*Oh, What a Thanksgiving

*The Mud Pony

*The Most Thankful Thing


*use counters and drawings to understand the process of subtraction

*practice math fact fluency

*math game: Five In A Row - subtraction

*learn math strategies for subtraction: counting back, removing a set of counters, use number combinations

Social Studies

*identify Thanksgiving customs

*compare the first Thanksgiving to modern day

*research Indian tribes

*understand that a timeline shows historical events

Upcoming Events

*Library books are due on Thursdays.

*November 19 - Dallas Arboretum Field Trip

*November 21 - Thanksgiving Feast, K-2

*November 25 - 29 Thanksgiving Break

*December 19 - Holiday Party! Everyone is welcome!

At Austin Elementary, we are driven to unlock the passion and cultivate the uniqueness inherent in every learner.