Digital Limits

Digital Citizenship

Your Limits

With billions of websites available online, you may think that the information you post about yourself and your friends is fairly insignificant. If you start a Google search on your name, you may find more than you thought you would see. think about the information you share about yourself on the social networking sites you have joined. If you haven’t checked your privacy settings, there might be a whole lot of people who know more about you than you think.

Do not share information online!

Even if you know the person do not tell them anything unless you have met them face to face. Make sure you use privacy settings that limit access to who can view their online profile. have your teenager limit friends to people they actually knows, not strangers; review their friend list. Help yourself and create a safe screen name that won’t give identifying personal information, such as where she lives, gender, or age Explain to your teen why some things, such as telephone numbers, addresses.