Human Trafficking

By: Abigail Gray

What is Human Traffiicking?

Human Trafficking is an illegal movement of people, usually for forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Girls and Boys are being sold for sex and/or slavery in many states all around the world. Many will be abused by one "owner", then sold off to someone else.

Why is it happening?

Human trafficking happens for one reason and word; money. Human trafficking is the 3rd most profitable business for organized crime, leading drug traffickers to it for more money and safety. The UN estimates that nearly 700 thousand- 1 million people are trafficked every year. Human trafficking takes place in every country and it generates tens of billions of dollars in profit each year.

Why Human Trafficking is Global

It is noted that around that there is around 27 million slaves around the world. and only about 6 percent of them are identified. It is believed that nearly 800,000 people are trafficked across national borders every year. Currently there is 161 countries affected by human trafficking, which is $32 billion industry.

Solution for Human Trafficking

Many ways for solving human trafficking is to join the business' that are starting all around. Also, you make sure to educate yourself with as much information as you can about it. Then talk to others who would want to help as well, and try to start your own business. If you attempt and it doesn't succeed, just join in with someone else.