The 5 sisters

By Lauren Kight

Once upon a time there were 5 sisters who lived in a cottage. Their names were Jessica, Becky, Susan, Eliza, And Tabitha. There life was normal until Sir Feet needed a wife. He invited the 5 sisters. The twist was at the end there was a test they MUST! Study for. Jessica said she didn't need to study and went shopping for stuff for 7 days, Susan (being the dumb sister studied the test... upside down. Tabitha was lazy and procrastinated the whole week. and Eliza was to busy stalking her crush. Becky Was smart and studied for the test.

when the time cam sir Feet made them take the test everyone failed and Becky past. Becky got married while the others lived a horrible life. She had to kids Gertrude and Patricia while the others got there feet cut off and forced to live in a wheel chair. When the other 4 sisters tell the story they always say "The moral is don't procrastinate and study for test" the end