All-Region Edition: As of November 12, 2015


The students are prepared for an amazing day on Saturday! We have heard everyone perform many times this week, and the North students are more ready than ever to go and play well at their audition. Due to the nature of the audition, every student has a completely different situation regarding their room, time, phase 1/2, etc. Please have a conversation with your child tonight or tomorrow regarding their situation for Saturday. Read this email and it's attachments thoroughly as your child will need to you be ready to transport them when needed.

It's perfectly normal for your child to be a little nervous for their performance on Saturday. Having a few extra words of support for them as they get out of the car on Saturday morning could make a world of difference in their mindset as they perform!


Saturday, Nov. 14th, 8:30am-5pm

801 Laurence Drive

Rockwall, TX

Here are some helpful directions if you need them. This high school is a bit tricky to find, so please make sure you read this thoroughly!

From President George Bush Turnpike:

• East on PGBT

• Exit I-30 E – 5 miles

• Exit #67A to Village Dr./Horizon Rd.

• Right on Horizon Rd. (at a light)

• Right on Ridge Rd. (at a light) – 3 miles

• Right on Cuny Pkwy

• 1st Right in RHHS Student Parking lot

From I-635 Eastbound:

• East on I-635

• Exit #8B for I-30 E – 10 miles

• Exit #67A to Village Dr./Horizon Rd.

• Right on Horizon Rd. (at a light)

• Right on Ridge Rd. (at a light) – 3 miles

• Right on Cuny Pkwy

• 1st Right in RHHS Student Parking lot


There are two buses going from North TO Rockwall-Heath High School. Buses will leave the parking lot AT the following times:

Bus 1 - leaves North at 7:15am (for those students who sign-in at 8:30am at RHHS)

Bus 2 - leaves North at 8:30am (for those students who sign-in at 10:00am or later at RHHS)

Students who sign in for morning audition times are highly encouraged to ride the bus! Traffic and parking are not great at RHHS, plus you save a trip!

There is no bus returning to North that evening. Students must find their own ride home.

The North Band Hall will not be open on Saturday morning. Please plan accordingly on Friday evening.



If your child advances to Phase 2, click the following for the sign-in times and room numbers. This will also be posted along with Phase 1 results and are subject to change!


Students should dress comfortably, but not slouchy or unprofessionally. In other words, treat it like a normal day at school. I highly recommend that students layer and wear clothing that allows for optimum performance (we have discussed this in class many times). Layer up, as big buildings can sometimes be cold at this time of year.

LAST MINUTE INFO - This is the same sheet that the students received in class this week.


As you can probably gather from above, every student is going to have a completely different day on Saturday! Please know that they are not allowed to have their phones in the audition room with them, so you may not be able to reach them immediately. They have been instructed to let you know when everyone has finished playing in their rooms and the results have been posted. If they are performing in Phase 2, they need to stay! If not, they are free to leave.

Thank you in advance for helping them take care of their business so they can be focused on their performance. They have worked so hard for the past 2 months and we are really excited for them to get the opportunity to perform! You can also help them by reminding them to get enough rest and be up in plenty of time on Saturday so that no one is extra stressed or rushed. Finally, eating a good breakfast is very important. Please resist taking them to Starbucks - the combination of caffeine, sugar, and adrenaline could negatively affect their playing. :)

We are all very proud of our North Viking Band students! Go out there and show them what you can do!