Trinity Nelson-Vuxta 7

His Personality

He seems like he is cold and doesn't like anybody. I know that he just has a hard shell that someone needs to crack. All he really wants is that his youngest brother can stay in school for as long as possible, he doesn't want him to grow up as fast as he and Sodapop did. Darry is just a good kid who grew up a bit too fast.

His Prized Possession

I feel that his most prized possession is his brothers. He really has nothing else.

His Realationships

Darry is cold so he is a bit stern. His relationship with the other greasers in his gang is mutual. He will stick up for them, They will stick up for him. It is just how it goes. I am pretty sure that he is only in that gang because his brothers are.

His Jobs and Such

He has two jobs to take care of the family. He has two brothers, Sodapop and Ponyboy. Sodapop is a drop-out and Ponyboy is still in school.

Darry From The Movie

Darry looks a bit different in this picture than the ones that I choose.