The Story~Star Connection

Mrs. Story's Third Grade Newsletter


Powerful pictures books about learning, listening, respect, and friendship have been read aloud to the class. Each story teaches an important lesson and connects our class as a community of readers. In addition, I'm striving to teach the children about Metacognition, thinking about your thinking. We made a "Reading Salad" as we read Thank You, Mr. Falker. Just like a tossed salad is a colorful mixture of lettuce and tomatoes, a reading salad is a colorful mixture of text + thinking. I'm inviting my readers to share what their thinking over and over again. After all, Reading IS Thinking!

The children also learned the expectations for developing their independent reading habits. We read our poem of the week, The Reader's Oath, reviewed the "Rules for Reading Right", and learned how to record their reading each night in their homework records.


We learned that our Writer's Notebooks are very special notebooks which will help us to "Live our Lives Like Writers" this year. Our first entry in our notebooks is a list of phrases to describe our unique selves. Each child used their phrases to design their own rainbow poem. Furthermore, we learned how to "publish with pride" and how proud we feel when we produce our very best work.

We also read The Very Best Story in which a young writer discovers that the very best story comes from the heart. Each child is publishing their own heart map of stories for their writer's notebooks. Thank you for brainstorming with my writers at home when they completed their heart map homework!


The children were math-cited to begin our very first lesson of the year. We started off with a review of important math concepts like filling in the missing numbers in a sequence, finding helpful patterns on a 100 grid, and we made a tally charts and bar graphs too. The children received math tool kits and we practiced using rulers, calculators, number grids, and our templates. Math tools can be very helpful!

Baggin' It!

What a wonderful way for us to get know each other well from the very start! The children were attentive and eager as I shared my bag-it with the class. They especially liked seeing my third grade picture. Many wonderful connections were made as the children shared their summer experiences, special talents, and unique qualities.

A Few Reminders

1. Please send your child to school with an ice filled water bottle on these hot days.

2. Please send a hand written note in the morning for any changes in their daily dismissal plan.

3. Dental Forms are due by October 15th.

Scholastic Book Orders

Tomorrow is the final day to order from our September catalogs.

I did highlight some books at our order site that are just right for third graders.

Class code: LBKVQ