Malala yousafzai

Xitlaly Gaytan

life spand

This is Malala yousafzai she is 18 right now a local neighbor and help her mother give birth to her and she survived a gunshot when she was young.

Child hood

Malala's dad owned a school for boys and girls but bad people attended to shut it down because it had girls and they only wanted boys to studie at schools
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When she went to school she was very pleased to go and didn't have a problem with her education and she got good grades.


Her family was very poor but they tried their best to take care of all of but her family celebrated the birth of her brothers and not her but her dad didn't care about it he thought she was going to do wonderful thing


Her career is that she wanted to be a doctor but she is a politics so she basically she is a politics instead of a doctor unless she changes to be a doctor but for now she is a politics.


One accomplishment she did was that she gave the right for girls to go to school and all the girls did go to did go to school.