Producing Light Without Electricity

discover new and inexpensive ways to make solar light

Problem of Interest

Using natural forms for engineering inspiration.

Our Question

What are ways to produce light without electricity inexpensively for underdeveloped countries?


· Today 1.5 billion people are without access to electricity

· The objective of this project is to find ways to produce inexpensive light for people in underdeveloped countries

· 3 models will be used to test which one will produce the most light

· Meaningful, real world problem

Our Models


· This project will improve people's lives by making models that use clean, nonelectric energy to produce light at an inexpensive cost

· Information learned – problems with no indoor light in homes with people who live in poverty

· Ideas like this have greatly impacted the people who use these new solutions

· With the current information collected by research, solutions will be made by creating models that effectively produce natural light

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· Energy poverty is a problem currently affecting 1.5 billion people world-wide mainly in the continents of Africa and Asia

· These people live in poverty and darkness

· This group found that there are various bright ways to create light without electricity although not all are efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly.

· Our objective is to create a method of creating light without electricity that is successful, proficient, effective, affordable, and eco-friendly.

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· The experimental variable in the experiment is the type of design used to test which one will produce the most light

· The controlling variable is the amount of water and bleach put into each design

· Observations will be made on the amount of light produced, and the cost of the design

· To analyze the data, notes will be taken on the amount of light produced by making tables and graphs


The model with the brightest light will have thin plastic walls, a proportionate amount of water, and a lot of sunlight.

The model with the thicker walls and least amount of water will produce the least amount of light. The amount of light produced also depends on the amount of sunlight.

The model will not work if it is put in a spot where there is no sunlight.

The most effective way to create solar light is by using our design of an "Expanded Solar Tube." In this design water is placed on the bottom of the transparent container and light is shown in through the solar tube.


If each model uses the same amount of water and Bleach then each model will produce the same amount of light.

If the outside walls on the model are thin and there is a lot of sunlight, then that model will produce the most light.

If a model with thick walls that has little to no sunlight, that model will produce the least amount of light.

If the models are not placed in an area with sunlight then the model will not work.


· Water

· Bleach

· Cylinder Tubes

· Transparent Containers

· Transparent Sphere

· Saran Wrap

· Sunlight