Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of October 6th and 13th

Important Dates

10/6 CELDT Testing

10/7 CELDT Testing

Stephanie to DO- AM

Dental Screenings Community Room

2:30 Sped Director/Pre-school coordinator site visit

3:45 Lead Tech Teacher Mtg. - PD2

6:30 Girls Scouts Meeting- Community Room

10/8 CELDT Testing

8:00 ELAC Meeting- Conference Room

2:30 Staff Meeting- MRP Web Conference

10/9CELDT Testing

9:30 Head Custodian Meeting

2:00 Food Pantry

4:00 EEI - Yr. 2- DO

10/10 CELDT Testing

Rolayne to DO- AM


8:45 Flag Salute- Upper

Stephanie out in PM

10/13 CELDT Testing

3rd/4th Grade Math TOSA Day- Schedule coming

8:00- AP Meeting- Rolayne

4:00 PTO Board Meeting

10/14 CELDT Testing


Dental Screenings- Community Room

10/15 CELDT Testing

2nd grade ELA Meeting- IS Conf.

2:30 PLC Meetings

6:00 3rd & 4th Grade Parents- A Step Beyond Parent Meeting @ Alvin Dunn


8:00 SSA Family Meeting

10:16 Earthquake Drill

3:15 Student Council Meeting

4:00 BTSA Yr. 1 & 2


Picture Make-Up Day

8:45 Family Friday

6:00 Boys and Girls Club Event - Parking Lot

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • Rotarian Steve, who visited our school on Friday, shared with us in the front office that he has been watching us for the past several years and has been SUPER impressed with how well we have been doing. He recognized how challenging our school can be, yet we have the expectations that students can achieve high levels and that is why we are performing amongst the highest compared to similar schools.
  • In 5th grade- during a science lesson, Learning Center students and General Education students all participated in a hands-on experiment/observation. All students were actively engaged and all participated orally. It was AWESOME to see all students learning, observing and participating in the scientific method together and being successful! Way to go Cindy and Grace!
  • Tk students in Karen's class were using academic language to sort different objects by attributes (and they didn't even realize that was what they were doing!). That is learning at its best!
  • Google classroom is being used by SOO many of you! I am super impressed by how many of you are using this and giving our students the same opportunities that their peers would have at any other school.
  • Please welcome Monica Duenas to the 1:1 Inquiry Based model- she will soon have a computer cart for her students to join this team.
  • Thank you all who have had to be flexible with schedules when subs do not show up. It takes a village to run our school and everyday I am reminded of this and how much you all do to make it function everyday! Amy- I loved hearing how well your LC kids did in your class the whole day- you all do so much to support the kids in your class.
  • Thank you to our wheel teachers who have also been flexible and team players. They have stepped in to help each other out, worked around technology that doesn't work and changes in rooms. We appreciate all you do!
  • So many of you are making positive contacts with parents to recognize the small steps- thank you!
  • From Hollie G. -I was doing writing with my intervention group and as we were rereading it, I realized I had misspelled assembled. Daniel said, "It's okay to make mistakes Mrs. Garcia, it just means your brain is growing!"

    I can't tell you how sweet it was! What a great attitude to have when it comes to making mistakes and persevering through challenging tasks. Way to go Ms. Roy!

    I had to share it with all my other groups, and they all agreed and felt so comfortable to take risks with their writing today and try challenging words, even if it meant making a mistake. Such a good lesson, and it meant way more to them because it came from a student.

    Best way to start my week.


  • The DO has decide that per Board Policy we should send home progress reports. They need to go home with students who you feel are 1s on the report card (or being considered for SST). You can base this on any assessment/observation you have done up to this point. Please use whatever progress report you have used/feel works for you and send home by next Wed. 10/23. If you need help with this please ask!
  • If you would like to provide your sub a login different from yours, please leave this in your plans. It is a new log in for subs and wheel teachers- Username: sme-tiger
    pass: tigerway10
  • October is one of the most beautiful months in San Diego county- make sure to take the time to enjoy our beautiful evenings.
  • PLC meetings- I appreciate all your detailed notes. Your teams have been determining what to discuss during PLC meetings, please continue to do this and use this time for working through your new units, focusing on our school goals (increasing all students reading and math levels). If you do not cover every content area during PLC meetings that is ok.- we want this time to be valuable to your team.
  • Have you talked to your PICK ONE this week?
  • San Diego CUE Conference-Saturday, November 15, 2014 at La Costa Canyon High School If anyone wants to attend, this would be a great use of our grade level's $2000.00


-See google doc


10/6 Brittne Roy

10/13 Ashely Schulte

10/17 Janet Zavala

YOU HAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD!- Your students are so lucky you see this in them everyday!

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From Coach Wooden

This was a lesson Coach took to heart. He chose kindness, instead of anger, as his reaction towards critics in the media, referees he felt were unfair, rude fans of rival teams, and even the rare disgruntled player or assistant coaches.

Two of his favorite maxims addressed this very subject. The first was a simple reminder: “Be more concerned with: Loving than being loved, Giving than receiving, Being a friend rather than having a friend.” The second was a kind of proverb: “There is a wonderful mystical law of nature that the three things that man craves the most in life—happiness, freedom, and peace—are always attained by giving them to someone else.” Both are lessons we can all live by.

New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses

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