eDiscover Center Rocks!

Session I

Thank You!

Thank you for participating in "Ready, Set, Design!" and "Wicked Math and Science for the adventurous" camps this summer! We had an absolute blast! We are now very inspired to create all new camps for next summer. Stay tuned!
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Geodesic Dome - Teamwork at Its Best!

Edible Water Bottle

We know all too well how plastic bottles have put our oceans and environment in peril. Students learned about a science break-through that has a possible solution!

Ready, Set, Design!

What's a Colloid, Anyway..,ooooh, a Non-Newtonian Fluid. Ok!

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Team Brain Challenges

Marble Runs

Survey Coming

An email will come within the month requesting your feedback regarding our current and future programs. We really would love your input.