Obesity: Who is Responsible?

by Mrs. Witt

Argumentative Paragraph:

I believe that the individual person is responsible for all aspects of health-related illnesses caused by obesity. The fast-food and prepackaged food corporations should not be held responsible for people choosing to eat an unhealthy diet of food. Individuals are provided with information from the FDA about recommended caloric intake and other important diet recommendations. However, if an person chooses to ignore this advice and eat fast-food in unhealthy amounts, why should the business be responsible?

Looking at Obesity in Children

This graph shows two age groups of children: 6-11 and 12-19. It also shows the percentage of those children who have a BMI of over 30, meaning that they are overweight or obese. The data looks at children between the years of 1976 -1980, 1988-1994, and 1999-2000. It is clear that more children are overweight now than they were before, and this is due to a lifestyle of unhealthy eating and limited exercise. The trend shows that the percentage of overweight children in both age groups will continue to increase as time goes on.

Here's Why The Individual should be held responsible:

  • Quotation, fact, or evidence from Supersize Me
  • Quotation, fact, or evidence from research
  • Quotation, fact, or evidence from personal experience

What should YOU do about it?

This is where I explain clear suggestions for people which they can start doing now.