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Dance Practice this Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday!! The dance is below...start practicing!

Just Dance 4 - One Direction : What makes you beautiful

We are almost there my friends!! 9 more days of school!!

  • You will find an End of the Year Checklist in your box by the end of the day. Please complete this form and leave it with Crystal or Melba, prior to leaving for the summer.
  • Our lost and found is WAY TOO FULL, please take a moment next week to walk your class down and have your students look for their personal items. Thank you!
  • I will be writing a grant for items for our makerspace. If there are items you would like for use with PBL/makerspace projects, please send them my way so I can include them on my grant.
  • Next Tuesday is our Teacher Appreciation Dinner @ Aviary @ 4:30 p.m. I hope to see you all there!
  • Don't forget to celebrate Nurse Pam on Wednesday!
  • Celebration Assembly is Thursday at 9:30 a.m. (I think a flyer that went home said it was at 10:00 a.m.). Please make sure your families are aware of the time, thank you!
  • Because EVERYONE deserves the spotlight at Sequiota, we have several spotlights this week & next since there will only be one more memo!

The Last Chapter of Todd Whitaker...

"Great teachers care about their students. They understand that behaviors and beliefs are tried to emotion, and they understand that power of emotion to jump-start change."

As we finish out the school year, take a moment to think about what your STRONG CORE BELIEFS in your classroom are. Todd Whitaker shares his own, but every teacher has their own core beliefs. Here are some that Whitaker shares:

  • Make it cool to care...those students who don't care about writing but they write because they care about you and pleasing you. You have make it "cool to care".
  • It is obvious when teachers have created an environment in which it is "cool to care". Their students care about the teacher, their school, learning and each other.
  • "When a teachers sensitivity to students increases, so does the opportunity to reach them."
  • "Great teachers impact others in more ways than they can ever know. The legacies we build last far beyond our years."
  • "No matter what others want us to do, we must focus on what is right for our students."
  • "The teacher is the filter for what happens in the classroom."
  • "The quality of the teachers determines the quality of the school."
  • "Every person should be treated, and treat each other with dignity and respect every day."
  • "Every teacher has an impact, GREAT teachers make a difference."
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