Modest Proposal Project

Corey Sparrow & Raheem Davis- 3rd period

Our plan

In order to prevent possible school shootings/intruder emergencies in schools, teachers across America will be issued handguns for self defense and violence prevention. After every teacher has taken the required class in order to obtain a gun license in their given state, they will receive a small handgun. The handguns will be stored in small safes in each of their rooms. These safes will only be unlockable electronically via an administrators computer and will only be accessible during the occurrence of a school shooting or intruder lockdown. This is to ensure that these guns are not used outside of the given emergency.

Visual Advertisment

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Explanation of ad

Explanation of Ad: With the increase of school shooting/ violence the idea of equipping teachers with guns is the given solution. Our ad is a teacher standing in front of the class introducing his idea(our plan). The ad shows a teacher holding an apple in one hand and a gun in the other. This is to comedicly contrast the various actions the teacher is now participating in. It shows contrast very well because the stereotypical happy-go-lucky teacher is holding an apple in one hand, and while still smiling like normal, is holding a harsh weapon in the other. This adds to the satirical nature of the ad and proposal of our plan. The teacher's "idea of the day" on the chalkboard is the plan we have proposed. It is a statement that shows the irony of the plan because teachers are equipping themselves with guns in their schools in order to stop the use of guns in their schools. It is a comedic contradiction that represents the plan and shows the obvious satire of the plan.