The Twits

By Anne Karman

About the author!

I went to Ronald to ask him some questions about himself and the book. First I asked to tell him something about himself. He said that his name was Ronald Dahl. He was born on the 13th of September, 1916 in South-Wales. He lives in London, England. He is married with Patricia Neal. He writes for children, teenagers and adults.
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About the book!

At last I asked him to tell something about the book. He said that he wrote the book in 1980. The publisher is 'de fontein.' The dutch word for the twits is 'de Griezels.'

The book is about Mr and Mrs Twit. They're bullying each other. It starts as a joke, but at the end it isn't that anymore. They still love each other, but they love it to bully each other.