-Kyle Velinsky

Favorite Film

My favorite film was Braveheart. One reason is I've always just loved Ireland, and Mel Gibson is one of my favorite actors. Another is the story line is so rich- a man with a secret love affair criss-crosses Ireland and seeks revenge for his father. And the best thing about it was the action and the fighting. The special effects and choreography were incredible for its time.

Which Film Made The Biggest Impact On Me?

The movie that made the biggest impact on me is Dances With Wolves. It taught me that sometimes the people you thought you knew, you may not have all that well. And the way they compared the Native Americans to the white people made you think. All in all, this film taught me that all people are the same, and we all have the same "drives". We shouldn't treat people bad because there different.

Least Favorite Film

My least favorite film was The Lost Battalion. First of all it seemed like a very cheap knockoff of a much better film that has starred John Wayne leading gorillas fight the Japanese. Also, It was very hard to watch "clear" through to the end as the acting was mostly B level or worse. The only one that was halfway decent was the head Philippine. His character was at least believable. And lastly the title doesn't match the story line, and they are trying to reach a fishing boat at the end, and not a submarine.

Most And Least Interesting Time Periods

My favorite time period was the early 1900's (right around World War Two). One reason is World War Two, there is so much unknown about it. There are all of the stories of these Sci-Fi/ Fictional things happened that make you think. And my last reason : Tommy guns, mobsters and trench coats. My least favorite is World War One, the reason the war started itself really isn't all that interesting. Aside from that i just didn't like it i don't have too much of a reason besides that i lack knowledge about this time period.


How have the events from 1600 to 1945 help shape America? Well it was everything in helping shape America. It was founding the land, taking it over, gaining our sovereignty, building our government, settling our differences, building our military, perfecting our government, and becoming strong enough to help others, and overall be the best country in the world.

How Have These Films Shaped My Image Or View Of The United States?

Its helped me truly see how long we have come. Its helped me understand how different the people are now-a-days compared to when we first started out. And most of all, these films have helped me understand what it took to get where we are today. We saw all of the war, business, and grit it took to make our country better.