Lolly Sticks and Course Work

(And some QR codes)

Preparing for coursework or a research project

  • Lay out your lolly sticks by colour and invite learners to take one on entering the class
  • Students then asked to locate a QR code matching their lolly stick colour that has been stuck on the wall around their classroom
  • Using their own device, scan the QR code...

From Lolly stick to Psychology

  • The QR code will take learners to their colour on this website
  • Learners with the same colour lolly stick work together, and read their colour profile. Learners write down any adjectives that they encounter on their own sheet.
  • A representative of each colour to put the adjectives up on the white board.
  • Learners then asked the question: Which of these adjectives will help you to complete your coursework, and which won't?
  • Adjectives circled in red and green, on personal worksheet and on the board.
  • Discuss and agree strategies to address the 'red' adjectives to ensure successful completion of the coursework / research task.
  • Coloured groups to present their strategies for success to the class.
  • Learners can identify personality traits from other colours that they recognise in themselves, and add these and their strategy for overcoming to their individual worksheet.

Any comments or questions about this idea?

  1. What if a learner does not agree with their colour profile?