Simmon Shares

September 16

“A community is a safe place to grow, a space that welcomes you fully, that sees you for who you are, that invites your participation, and that holds you gently while you explore.” Mara Sapon-Shevin

Classroom Explorations

Reading/Language Arts

We finished reviewing and introducing all the letters this week. I will be sending notes home over the next week for those children who have not mastered the letter names and sounds. If you receive a note from me, please make sure to work on letters and sounds EVERY NIGHT! Knowing the letter names and sounds is essential in becoming readers and writers.

During our Reading Workshop time, we learned about making predictions about what will happen in a book using the illustrations on the cover of the book and the title.

Guided Reading Has Started!!!

I started my Guided Reading groups this past week. I have been getting to 3-4 groups per day so far and will continue to add groups as we go along. It's so exciting to see the kids start to read and be excited about learning what "Good readers do." Please remember to read these books with your children every night and return them every day in the folder. Here are some tips they hear from me to help them with their reading...

  • Get your mouth ready (beginning sound of word) .
  • Look at the picture clue to help you figure out that word.
  • Does it sound right (does it make sense) and does it look right (does the beginning letter say the sound you think the word is)?
  • What was the story MOSTLY about? What were some of the small details that happened in the story?
  • I like how you knew that wasn't quite right and then you went back to figure out what was wrong with how you read it. That's what good readers do!
  • Make sure to point to every word while you are reading!


This week in writing, we continued to work on stretching out words this week with simple words. The children are working very hard adding sentences to tell their stories! I think you will be amazed at conferences to see what your children are doing!


In math this week, we continued to learn about 3D shapes. Children are required to identify the cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere. The exceeds criteria is identifying the rectangular prism, pyramid, and triangular prism. Children should also be able to talk about how each 3D shape is the same or different from another one. They might compare the number of edges, faces (flat sides on a shape), or vertices (points).

This week we also made shapes using different materials. We made 3D shapes out of marshmallows and toothpicks and we also graphed 3D foods (Bugles (cone), Cheese Balls (sphere), Cheese Cubes, and Combos (cylinders). The children compared how many of each shape they had and made a graph.

Science and Social Studies

We started learning about maps this week. Children need to know that the Earth is made of land and water. They also should know that the globe is a model of the Earth and maps are like a bird's eye view of something. We practiced this by making a model of our classroom with blocks and then drawing a classroom map together. We learned about our continent, country, state, and town and we learned about the different continents and oceans. Please help your child to memorize their address! They get a Smartie when they can tell me their address!

Announcements and Reminders

Thanks, Mr. Parsons!

Mr. Parsons treated all the kids to ice cream today! If your child had ice cream money, it will be saved for next week!

Help a Teacher Out!!!!

Thank you so much for your support in our classroom! We have a great group of parents! I am hoping you can help me out with a couple of things. It may seem like a "little" thing, but believe me! when there are 23 K kids in a class every "little" thing helps me in having more time for instruction!

  • PLEASE MAKE SURE ICE CREAM MONEY IS IN A BAGGIE OR ENVELOPE WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON IT! Doing this for me will allow me to get through the morning quicker on Friday! It also makes sure your child actually gets their ice cream in the lunchroom, especially when there is a substitute and/or another teacher is watching our class for lunch time. There have been many tears when names are not on ice cream money and the money falls on the floor or gets mixed up in some way. I do not want that to be your child!
  • Make sure to complete ALL INFORMATION ON THE READING LOG! It may not seem like a big deal, however, filling out first and last name and teacher info for 23 reading logs takes a few minutes of instruction time.
  • Make sure guided reading books are in the child's folder!!!

Thank you so much for helping me out!

Book Fair

The school has a book fair twice each year. Please see your child's folder for the buying time. We will be going to "browse" soon and your child will bring home a list of books and prices they picked out. You can send in the list with selections you choose and the money for our buying day. The book fair will also be opened during conferences if you prefer to shop with your child.

Brookwood High School Homecoming Parade

Brookwood Homecoming Parade

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 7th! The Brookwood Homecoming Parade will begin at 4:45pm. They've pushed it a little later this year to help accommodate the middle school schedule. This is a fun community event and the kids LOVE it. The parade leaves from Brookwood High School, goes down Holly Brook, turns into Brookwood Manor, goes through the neighborhood leaving on Dogwood, and then ends again at the high school. TONS of candy is thrown throughout the route! Kids love it!!! Our very own Amy Granger will be in the parade as our Teacher of the Year! Hope to see you there!


Bingo Night is my favorite night of the year (in late October)! My family always comes and has a great time. Go to the Mighty Oak via the GOES website and get the order form for Bingo Night. You can sign up now. This event usually sells out!

Reading Logs -- READING MAKES YOU SMARTER (and it's fun!)

We had 100% of our class return the reading logs last week. If we have 100% for the 9 weeks, our class will earn an ice cream party from the schooL!

Our Rocket Readers, LilliBeth Mallory and Alex Pursell are from Ms. Jackie Roberts 5th grade class. They come each Thursday to encourage the kids to bring in their reading logs on Friday. They give out prizes (this week everyone who turned in their log got a Smartie) to one kid who turned in their reading log. The Rocket Readers also share books and poems with the class. So far winners have been Royce, Asa, Perla, and Kamren!

Birthdays in September

Happy Birthday!

The following students have birthdays in September:

William 9-14

Arsh 9-3


We will not have P. E. next Week.

If we are having P.E. next week, please make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.

Don't Forget These Dates!!!

Dates and Events

September 21-23 -- Cogat testing for grades 1,3,5 -- NO LUNCH VISITORS ON THESE DAYS

September 28-29 -- Early Release (12:15) and parent conferences