By: Lindsey


Did you know the record winds were close to 295 miles per hour? I hope that you find tornadoes a very interesting topic. You will be learning about the winds of a tornado, tornado damage, forming and dying down, tornado safety, and fun facts.

Winds of a Tornado

In a tornado, very dangerous gusts of winds can flatten and crush houses, buildings and steel doors. Did you know bits of water are what make the winds of a tornado visible? A tornado is a storm with dangerous, powerful winds.


Tornadoes are dangerous spinning objects made out of air, starting as a huge storm, and then turning into a tornado. Remember, tornadoes are a destructive storm. Be careful because tornadoes can destroy the toughest of buildings. You probably didn't know that their winds can reach the speed of 300 miles per hour!

Forming and Dying Down

Did you know that some twisters are seen by a person, and then are gone in minutes? Mostly, all that is might be is that it is moving away, because they move really fast. Scientists still do not fully understand about how tornadoes are created, get bigger and bigger, die down, and then completely die.


To be safe when a tornado is close, humans and pets should get in some kind of shelter. Lowest floors inside houses and rooms without glass are the safest places. Mobile homes and cars don't have nearly as much protection as houses do.

Fun Facts

A tornado's strong winds can rock a truck, knocking it's wind shield wipers off with it.

A funnel cloud can go from a inch to hundreds of feet.

In a normal year, thousands of twisters are seen in all of the nations.

A tornado is a lot smaller that a hurricane.

Some humans fallow tornadoes for the fun of it.

Twisters usually travel from west to east.


I hope you learned a lot about winds of a tornado, damage, forming and dying down, safety, and some fun facts. Can you tell me how to be safe during a tornado? I hope you know a lot more about tornadoes.